José Castro Caldas

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  • Short Film “Lá Vem o Dia”

    “She wakes up. He wakes up. She listens to music. He listens to the radio. She goes out to work. He works at home. They communicate but they never meet.”

    “Lá vem o dia” is a project for a short filme directed by Mercês Tomáz Gomes, written by Miguel Castro Caldas, with music by Madalena Palmeirim in a set design/buitl by me. in order for this being abble to happen, we made a crowdfunding led by Vera Marques da Silva with a site designed by Diogo Simões Veja aqui, translations were made by Teresa Casas Novas. FB posts by Mariana Salvador. The crowdfunding proccess conssited in a group of 20 artists that would donate a piece for a lottery. Those same artist would have one if their work to show in the film. The artists are: Ana Clara Coutinho, Caio Palazzo, Carlota Joaquina, Cécile Mestelan, Chloe Pais, Constança Clara, Cristina Sena, Inês Norton, Luisa Salvador, João Brilha, João Valente, Mafalda Maya, Manuel Amaral Netto, Maria Ana Vasco Costa, Maria Pita Guerreiro, Martinho Pita, Paulo Sellmayer, Pedro Duarte Jorge, Teresa Gameiro, Vitor Agostinho. The staff that contributed for all this to… move(!): Ana Dias Martins, Carmo Castro, Denise Aya Kotsubo, Florentine Versteeg-Vedana, Francisca Carvalheira, Francisco Ortigão Costa, Luís Castro Caldas, Marina Vismara, Mónica Marques, Pedro Miguel Oliveira, Raquel Luna Viggiani, Rita Clara, Valeria Varesco.
    Check the making of in the photo gallery.


    Filming team:
    Screenplay: Miguel Castro Caldas
    Director: Mercês Tomaz Gomes
    Director assistent: Bernardo Almeida (preparation)
    Director assistent (plateau): Miguel Cravo
    Set design: José Castro Caldas
    Director of Fotografy: Miguel Robalo
    Image assistantes: Selma Lopes, Vera Santos and Filipe Palha
    Sound: João Gazua
    Art director: Raquel Santos
    Costume design: Alexandre Ferreira and João Silva
    Makeup and hairstyling: Rita de Castro
    Electrician chief: Pedro Pereira
    Electrician: Tójó.

    Date: 2017