José Castro Caldas

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  • in situ/ @Co-Design Views | New European Bauhaus Festival

    My participation, in representation of in situ/ team (Filipa Ramalhete e Sérgio Silva), on the project: Co-Design Views | New European Bauhaus Festival
    About Co-Design Views
    What is co-design and what is not? Main obstacles and biggest challenges? How to do it? How to plan it? The importance of having this conversation is grounded on the idea that it is difficult to set the boundaries on the topics of design collaboration for many of us. Co-design needs to be properly addressed so its relevance remains valid, and contributions are truly collaborative.

    ‘Co-Design Views’ showcases diverse perspectives on design collaboration, context and significance aiming to provide a southern panorama from a peripheral European country, Portugal. Although not well known (yet!) for its contribution to co-design, Portugal has a long collaborative design experience, from bottom-up initiatives led by communities to public programmes promoted by central and local authorities. New emerging practices are also paving the way for other ways of thinking and acting in the design field.

    Date: 2022